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Reasons Why Your Gas Heater Has Stopped Working

There’s nothing worse than having to get up during the night when it’s freezing, just because the heater isn’t working.  Heaters can break down at any time, whether it’s a high-efficiency gas heater or the conventional type, especially if it has not been regularly serviced and repaired.  If your gas heater is less than twenty years old, then it may be possible to have it repaired professionally, instead of replacing it.  A reputable Perth gas heater repair expert can easily check, repair and maintain your heater so that it runs efficiently again.

Some of the reasons why your gas heater may have stopped working are:

The safety switch has been left in the ON position

Safety switches can be found on most modern gas heating systems and are designed to prevent the burner and the fan from turning on, when the access panel is removed.  The switch is only able to turn off, if the access panel is in place.  If the safety switch is malfunctioning, call a gas heater repairer to assist.

The power supply or circuit breaker have stopped working

Gas heaters may stop working due to the power supply, which supplies power to the appliance.  If the power supply has blown up, the heater will stop working.  Otherwise, the circuit breaker may have tripped or blown.  Power supply and circuit breaker issues can be complicated, so call a reliable Perth gas heater service to handle the issue.

The thermostat has turned off

If your gas heater has stopped working, check the thermostat, as it may not have been set correctly or could be in the off position.  Check if the thermostat is off.  If it is, turn it back on and set it to the heating mode, which should be at least five degrees above room temperature.  If your thermostat is battery operated, check the batteries, as they may need replacing.

Insufficient fuel

Gas heaters need fuel to operate and they may stop working if there is insufficient fuel to run the appliance.  The heating system will stop working if the gas supply is low, or if the gas is not able to power the heater efficiently.  Check the gas supply pipe.  If the pipe is leaking or clogged, call a gas heater repairs expert.

Other Common Problems

There are other common issues that could affect your gas heating system.  These include dirty air filters, fan problems, short cycling, leaking ductwork, or pilot light issues.  A professional gas heating service can fix these issues easily.

Our priority is to ensure that your gas heater is working effectively and running smoothly.  If your gas heater suddenly stops working, contact us or search online under ‘gas heater service near me’.  We can investigate why it is not functioning and repair any issue, irrespective of how large the problem seems.  Our experts can assist with all your gas heater service repairs.

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