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Evaporative Repairs

Air Con Repairs Perth

Heating & Cooling Services make regular repairs on evaporative air conditioners from Brivis, Kaden, Coolbreeze, Breezair, Coolair, Carrier, Braemar, Jarrahdale and more. These repairs are often diagnosed and completed during regular servicing to prevent inconvenient and costly breakdowns.

Here are some symptoms that warrant a service and may lead to a repair:

  • Odours originating from the evaporative system.
  • Warm air blowing instead of the usual cool air.
  • A complete lack of air flow coming from the unit.
  • Water leaking from some part of the system.
  • Cooler having a reduced response to the speed control.
  • Evaporative unit fails to start properly.

The need for evaporative repairs

If you are an owner of an evaporative air conditioning system then it is important to remember that without the right care and maintenance then it is a matter of when and not if it will break down. By making use of evaporation, these systems seem to effortlessly and economically cool a house but they have several parts that need servicing and potentially even repair or replacement.

Scheduling a service every one or two years is a good way to prevent a breakdown but you can also consciously keep an eye out for any symptoms that might warrant an evaporative air conditioner repair. Fans and hoses are parts that may need replacing so if you think your system sounds like it is straining in the Perth heat or notice any water leaks, then it may be time to repair the air conditioner.

An evaporative repair done right

Evaporative air conditioners are popular as they fill an entire house quite quickly with cool air, yet spare the rooms from the feeling of being dried out. Pads filled with water are used to cool the air and it is helpful to leave a window or door open so the air can circulate appropriately once it leave the ceiling ducts.

By specialising in only evaporative air conditioner repairs, Heating & Cooling Services understand this process intricately and know how to quickly identify and repair issues on all makes and models. Your evaporative air conditioner is an economical and effective way to cool your property and we strive to keep it that way with expert maintenance and repairs.

Contact us for your next air con service

For your next evaporative air conditioner repair in Perth, contact Heating & Cooling Services and you won’t be disappointed with our politeness, promptness and attention to detail. We put our clients first and take pride in being air conditioner repairers who are dedicated to evaporative units.

With over twenty years’ experience, our team knows evaporative air conditioners inside out and how to maintain, service and repair them. For our regular clients we also offer discounted prices for scheduled evaporative air conditioner maintenance, so sign up today to avoid serious problems and expensive evaporative air con repairs.

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