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Gas Heater Repairs

Gas Heater Repairs Perth

Heating & Cooling Services repair gas heaters and portable gas heaters all over Perth and specialise in brands such as Regency, Everdure, Jetmaster, Jarrahdale, Heat & Glo, Nectre, Masport, Real Flame. Gas heaters are a very efficient and reliable way to heat a home but if they have faults they should be addressed quickly.

Here are some symptoms as to why your gas heater may need a repair:

  • A yellow or sooty coloured flame is being produced.
  • The pilot light extinguishes when it shouldn’t.
  • A pop noise comes from the pilot light when started.
  • Heat damage is visible on the heater components.
  • Walls become soot stained near the heater.
  • The heater seems to lose heat control and stays hot when turned down.

The need for gas heater repairs

Gas heater parts suffer wear and tear over time and it is common for parts to be replaced during regular service and maintenance.  These proactive repairs add to the cost of the service but they prevent more expensive repairs from occurring in the future as well as reducing the potential for more dangerous faults to develop.

Dangerous faults can occur when gas heaters are neglected and this is why manufacturers recommend regular gas heater servicing of their products.  You can find servicing advice in the owner’s manual for your gas heater or gas log fire and it is best to follow that advice to ensure a safe operating environment.

A precise gas heater repair is important

Precision and experience are important when it comes to gas heater repairs and for safety reasons, they must be performed as per the manufacturer’s instructions.  Carbon monoxide is a dangerous gas that can be emitted from a gas heater or gas log fire that has not been repaired properly, so always look for a technician that has the relevant license or permit to service your heater.

Heating & Cooling Services have the experience and qualifications to repair your gas heater correctly.  If you live in any suburb between Armadale in the south and Quinns Rocks in the north then you can make an appointment for a prompt repair with us.

Contact us for your next gas heater repair

You can trust Heating & Cooling Services as we have been committed to providing a personalised and honest gas heater repair service for over twenty years.  Our family-run team are only a phone call away.

If your gas heater or gas log fire has an operational issue then contact Heating & Cooling Services for a fast and effective service.  If you are worried about health issues or can smell gas coming from your heater then let us know so we can schedule your visit more urgently and in the meantime do not turn it on.

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