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The Importance of Servicing Your Gas Heater Regularly

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If you have a gas heater, it is vital that you get your heater serviced consistently to ensure that it works safely and effectively.  As the colder weather approaches, it is wise to book a complete service for your gas heater to ensure that your home is well heated over the winter months.

Gas heaters can emit different gases, including carbon dioxide and co, depending on the model.  There is no risk of gas causing health problems if the system is working properly.  However, if the gas heater is faulty, it can emit carbon monoxide or leak CO2 and this can become dangerous when the air around it becomes toxic.  Leaks can lead to fires or pollution build-up, which can be hazardous to anyone in the area.

Prevention is better than cure, so even if your gas heater seems to be working without any problems, we advocate for regular system servicing.  Why wait until your gas heater breaks down and leaves you in the cold?  It is wiser and cheaper to regularly maintain your heating system, than it is to repair bigger problems which arise from negligence. Smaller issues can be repaired quickly as they crop up, whereas larger repairs take longer to fix.  To ensure that your home is kept warm this winter, keep your gas heater regularly serviced and working to peak performance.

If you are in the northern suburbs or southern suburbs of Perth and you notice any of the following signs, call Heating and Cooling Services today:

  • Overheated system
  • Soot on or around the heater
  • Heat damage on the heater or nearby walls
  • Pilot light banging or popping when heater is lit
  • Yellow, brown, red or sooty flame
  • Pilot light extinguishing

It is imperative that your gas heater maintenance is undertaken by a qualified, experienced professional.  Gas heaters vary, so to ensure that all problems are detected and repaired properly, you need a trustworthy company with a good reputation.  Heating and Cooling Services have experience with all kinds of gas heaters, whether it is a Regency Gas Heater or Realflame Gas Heater.  We recommend that all gas heaters are serviced and tested regularly to guarantee high performance and we can also provide CO2 tests and other services that are helpful.  So if you require a gas heater repair or a gas heater service, call our experts today. 

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