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Why you need an Evaporative Air Conditioner Service

An evaporative air conditioner can be in constant use, so getting your cooling system installed and running in your home is only the first step. Keeping all parts up to date and functioning efficiently requires regular service checks, maintenance and repair.

Service requirements for your evaporative air conditioner can depend on the model and brand. Some may require servicing annually and others may require the system to be checked every two years. It is best to refer to the air conditioner manual or check servicing requirements with the installer.

Basic cleaning and general checks should be carried out regularly by the homeowner. However, it is necessary to have a professional in to check and service your unit to inspect the more specific functions. The main goal for getting an evaporative air conditioner service is to ensure there is no wear or damage to the system. It is important to check filter pads because the efficiency of the system depends on ensuring the pads get a regular wetting. A check makes it easier to tell how much water is being evaporated and also reduces sediment, mineral, fungus and algae build-up. A professional evaporative air conditioner service includes general washing of the filter pads and drain valve and inspection of the system’s belt tension and the water levels in the reservoir.

Failing to service your evaporative air conditioner regularly could cost you more in the long run if your system begins to show wear or damage. To increase the chance of discovering and rectifying any issues promptly and preventing further damage, it is best to schedule regular maintenance checks on the system. If there is any damage, it may be necessary to get a replacement part or basic repair for your system. An evaporative air conditioner repair will include specific information and requirements to repair the particular issue. The technician should also be able to assist with additional steps the homeowner can take on a regularly to keep the system running efficiently. It can be tempting to ignore regular services and repairs, but the result of this is that the system will not perform in peak condition. Using an evaporative air conditioner that is malfunctioning and not running efficiently will cause an inability to keep the household cool and end up in product dissatisfaction.

To avoid issues with your evaporative air conditioner, call Heating & Cooling Services on 9375 8332 to schedule a regular service and maintenance check. We provide quality service and workmanship, along with competitive pricing, going the extra mile to ensure your system stays in peak condition and offering clients ongoing advice. Call us for your evaporative air conditioner repair or service!

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