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Evaporative Replacement

Air Con Replacement Perth

Heating & Cooling Services are also able to quote, source and install evaporative air conditioner systems for the local market. Evaporative systems have been commonplace in Perth for many decades now so the demand for replacements is higher than ever.

Why might it be time to replace your evaporative air conditioner?

  • Your evaporative cooler is much less efficient than newer models.
  • The warranty on your evaporative air conditioner has expired.
  • Your evaporative unit is costing more to maintain than replace.
  • A serious breakdown has occurred within your evaporative cooler.
  • You are selling or leasing your property and want a new system.
  • Your current evaporative unit has a serious known fault.

The details of evaporative air conditioner replacement

Most of the replacements of evaporative air conditioners occur when the existing system has suffered a failure that is not viable to repair. In this case the replacement unit is sourced as quickly as possible, especially if the breakdown occurs during the height of summer. As unfortunate as an evaporative system breakdown is, the new system brings with it more efficiency and better technology.

There are occasions when evaporative air conditioner replacements are not so urgent and the upgrade can be scheduled for a later date, usually at the end of summer. This is common when home owners like to replace air conditioning systems as soon as they come out of warranty or when the current system is still operating well but is simply becoming less efficient to run when compared to newer models.

We replace evaporative air conditioners

Heating & Cooling Services have been replacing evaporative air conditioners in Perth for over two decades and have the suppliers and expertise to replace old systems efficiently.  By specialising in evaporative systems only, we have been able to continually improve our processes and become a leader in air conditioner replacements.

When replacing evaporative systems, we always have the customer’s long term interests in mind so we carefully inspect the entire system and not just the cooling unit itself.  If the existing air conditioning vents and ducts are in good condition and expected to match the lifetime of a new system, then we would recommend leaving them in, saving money and reducing waste.

The right call when it’s time to replace

When your evaporative air conditioner breaks down and you are told it must be replaced, it may be hard to know whether the replacement is truly necessary.  Luckily though for Perth residents, Heating & Cooling Services have built a solid reputation by getting as much life as possible from existing cooling units and only recommending to upgrade when it is totally necessary.

When replacing evaporative coolers, we also use the best brands and models based on our wealth of adept experience obtained by servicing only evaporative coolers, day in and day out.  These units come with full manufacturer warranties and are fitted with care by Heating & Cooling Services Perth.