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Gas Heaters


Gas Heater & Log Fire Repairs

Gas heaters and gas log fires are generally serviced annually to ensure they remain safe and economical to use. Regular maintenance can identify an underlying reason for a gas heater repair but other symptoms may indicate a need for a repair. Yellow or sooty flames, pilot light popping or going out unexpectedly, heat damage to walls or heater panels and soot stains around the unit are all signs that a gas heater may be in need of a repair.


Gas Heater & Log Fire Maintenance

Gas heaters, portable gas heaters and gas log fires are a great addition to any home or office and it is a good idea to service them annually. Gas heating devices, including room heaters, portable heaters and gas log fire heaters can all emit carbon monoxide fumes if they have a fault or a blockage and this can lead to health issues for those who are exposed. Our technicians at Heating & Cooling Services have the skills to maintain gas heating devices on a regular basis.